Intune Mobile - Overview


for mobile devices


Microsoft Intune is part of Microsoft 365--a cloud-based service that is Michigan Medicine's strategic solution for mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM). Intune is also used for some CoreImage device management (i.e., the Intune-CoreImage). However, this article focuses on the use of Intune for mobile device management (iOS and Android).

Company Portal is the app that you will use to access resources within Michigan Medicine such as the Microsoft Outlook app. Also known as Microsoft Endpoint Manager, Intune is used to enforce encryption and manages other compliance settings on both personal and corporate mobile devices that connect to secure Michigan Medicine resources.

Intune does not collect personal information such as your device's location, apps, or how you use your device.

Once your device is enrolled with Intune, you can:

  • Access the Michigan Medicine internal secure Wi-Fi network (MFleet).
  • Use the automatically installed and configured Outlook mobile app to access your Michigan Medicine email and calendar.
  • Automatically receive productivity applications like Office 365, Duo, Jabber, the VPN, and Zoom along with optional apps such as Microsoft OneDrive and OneNote.
  • Access Epic mobile apps--Haiku/Canto--to utilize MiChart and Secure Chat on the go.
  • Access the Medical School Library of enterprise licensed applications.
  • Use the Self-service Portal to unenroll device(s) or manage access in case of theft, loss, or a forgotten password.
  • Be assured your mobile device conforms to Michigan Medicine's security and compliance policies.




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How to Enroll your mobile device

NOTE: Personally owned Windows devices and Mac computers will not be enrolled in Intune.  Instead, use Windows Virtual Desktop and the UMICH (Level-1) eduroam wireless network.

Manage Your Device 

Once your device is enrolled in Intune you can use the Company Portal self-service website to take actions such as remotely locking your device if lost, changing the passcode, and renaming or removing a device.


What is Intune? (Microsoft External Link)