Cisco Finesse


Cisco Finesse is an Automated Call Distribution (ACD) system, used for queueing and distributing customer calls at contact centers across Michigan Medicine.  

Cisco Finesse offers substantial benefits, including:

  • High availability - no need to logoff / logon between two different systems
  • Seamless integration with Cisco Jabber soft phones
  • Browser-based application for easy access and improved workflows
  • Real-time and historical data built-in for agents and supervisors


Cisco Finesse Requires Jabber on a laptop or workstation to function.  Jabber via Cell Phone, UCC Wireless Phones, and Cisco Desk Phones are not currently support. 


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Add, Modify, or Delete a Cisco Finesse Account

Please note, when requesting a Cisco Finesse Agent or Supervisor account, a Jabber account will automatically be created. 
Do not submit a separate request for Jabber. 

Request a Call Flow Change


Agent Guides

Cisco Finesse - Logging In

Cisco Finesse - Logging Out

Cisco Finesse - Setting Your Skills

Cisco Finesse - Accepting a Queued Call

Cisco Finesse - Making an Outbound Call

Cisco Finesse - Placing a Call on Hold

Cisco Finesse - Transferring or Conferencing a Call

Cisco Finesse - Recording a Personal Greeting

Cisco Finesse - Checking Voicemail

Cisco Finesse - Retrieving Call Recordings using Verint

Cisco Finesse - Setting an Override Message

Cisco Finesse - Running Call Reports

Cisco Finesse - Creating Reports in Cisco Unified Intelligence Center (CUIC)

Cisco Finesse - Changing Jabber Expressway to Allow Connections to QA

Cisco Finesse - Call Disposition Codes