Jabber - Getting Started

Getting Started with Jabber

Jabber Softphone allows you to use a Michigan Medicine CoreImage computer or mobile phone (Android/iPhone) to answer a single U-M phone number. 


What is Jabber?

Jabber Softphone operates like a phone, but through your computer and the internet rather than traditional phone lines. It also has the ability to have calls from other lines routed to itself. For example, you can have your office phone routed to Jabber, and if you have jabber on your computer or cellphone it will ring there.

In order to use Jabber, you need two things. A Jabber account, and the software for Jabber.


How do I request an account?

To request a Jabber account, use this link to be taken to our Service Catalog here: Jabber Request

Once filled out, it goes directly to our Voice Communication Support team (Optanix) to be processed.


How do I get the Software installed?

Instructions vary depending on the type of device:


How do I sign in?

First time setup for signing into Jabber requires that you use your uniqname@med.umich.edu and Level-2 password.  (As well as anytime you reset your Jabber)

Afterwards, To sign into Jabber it uses uniqname and Level-2 password.

Note: MAC users indicate they only need to the uniqname and Level-2 password.


Setup Audio in Jabber:

To make sure Windows is setup correctly, do the following:

  1. Right click the volume control in the taskbar and select Sound.

  2. In the Playback tab, click the Audio device and click set default.

    1. There are two default options, Default device will play all audio and default communications device will only play call audio.

  3. Click the Recording tab at the top.

  4. In the Recording tab, click the Audio device used for recording audio and click set default.

    1. There are two default options, Default device will record all audio and default communications device will only record call audio.

  5. Set the priorities in Jabber and make sure they are set as the correct default devices.

    • If you undock your laptop or unplug your headset and you have not set your priority list accordingly, the defaults will change.

    • Setting priorities will make sure you don't have to select your devices again if this happens.

Open Jabber and do the following:

  1. Click the Settings button in the top right and select Options.

  2. Click Audio tab.

  3. Select the preferred device for Ringer/Alerts, Speaker, Microphone.

  4. Click Advanced > > at the bottom.

  5. Make sure the device has a check mark and is at the top of the priority list for Ringer/Alerts, Speaker, Microphone (use the arrows to organize the priority for the lists).

  6. Click Apply and OK.

Windows and Jabber should now be setup to use your device. Make a test call to confirm it is working.


The user guide for Jabber on desktop/laptop computers. 

The user guide for Jabber on mobile devices.