Install Microsoft Authenticator


Please note: As of May 1, the Authenticator app is not yet available for the work profile on Android. HITS is working on it and we hope to provide an update in the next few weeks. 

About Microsoft Authenticator 

Microsoft Authenticator is a mobile application for Android and iOS to sign in to your Microsoft account and associated mobile apps, reducing the number of times your password is required.  
Once installed, the app enables one sign-in for all Microsoft 365 (M365) applications on your mobile device. Applications include Outlook, Teams, Microsoft 365 (Office), SharePoint, and more.  
At Michigan Medicine, you will be asked to reauthenticate to the Authenticator app with your credentials every five days, per organization policy.  
This application can be used on any device on the Android or iOS platforms. To access Michigan Medicine M365 applications also requires Intune. Currently, Microsoft Authenticator is not available for computers (PCs, Macs, Linux).  
Other Features 

This application has other features that are not currently enabled at Michigan Medicine: 

  • Two-step verification. Microsoft Authenticator is not supported for two-step verification at Michigan Medicine. Continue to use Duo as prompted to verify your login to Michigan Medicine applications.  
  • Backing up and restoring account credentials and addresses (autofill). This feature requires a personal Microsoft account that is separate from your Michigan Medicine account.  


Install Microsoft Authenticator 

  1. Install the latest version of the Authenticator app, based on your operating system:
      1. Google Android. On your Android device, go to Google Play to download and install the Authenticator app. Authenticator is not yet available for an Android Work Profile connected to Michigan Medicine, but we are working on it. 
      2. Apple iOS. On your Apple iOS device, go to the App Store to download and install the Authenticator app.
  2. Once installed, close the app, you do NOT need to enter your Michigan Medicine credentials until prompted by another M365 app.  

After installing Authenticator, it will become the single app where you enter your credentials to access Michigan Medicine M365 applications. When opening an M365 application (Outlook, SharePoint, Office, etc.), if your token has timed out you will be passed to the Authenticator app to enter your credentials. After confirming the Duo prompt, you will be passed back to the Microsoft app that was originally opened.  

Note: The HITS Service Desk and Device Support teams cannot provide further support for the Microsoft Authenticator app at this time. There are no specific customizations for Michigan Medicine.